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About the Organization

Nothing happens by chance. The one that seemed be a simple hobby from the childhood, ended if turning in a promising opportunity. When she was a child, Sabrina Reschke used to make and to sew clothes for their dolls with the grandmother’s help. With a time, it began to dominate application techniques in woven as “patchwork” and embroidery.

In 1994, the first opportunity came from showing that craft work to the public. In an initiate project for the Cooperativa Coolméia, the Fair of the Ecological Culture, the works of the Grandma’s Workshop began, the one which soon if it would turn the main reference in craft of the fair.

The first exposed products were textile creations in jute, raw cotton, flannel, serge and other woven for applications 100% cotton that originated: pajamas, underwear, tunics, cushions and so on. That pattern of quality 100% cotton, it is maintained until today by the Grandma’s Workshop, except for the line of products in felt that doesn't have more as being natural, due to the disappearance of that raw material in the market.

The use of natural raw materials is a politics of the Grandma’s Workshop because besides not harming the environment, it is related with the values that the products facts look for to join in the field education, psychological and psycho-pedagogy.

The exclusiveness of the products, from the creation of drawings, choice of the standard for the applications, application and seam, is guaranteed by each piece, could always assist to the customers' individual need. What appeared in a relationship of affection between grandmother and granddaughter, it is contemplated and served as inspiration source in the making of the products of the Grandma’s Workshop.